Monday, April 27, 2009

I Know The Story is Overdone...

But the guy is SO cute!

A bunch of friends and I have recently been bit buy the Zac Efron bug. Be it High School Musical or Hairspray, we are head-over-heels for this boy. So now, despite the fact that we KNOW that the chances of this movie being good are slim to none, we are all going to see 17 Again tonight.

I think I have a good idea of how good this movie will be from a conversation I had at work the other night with a girl named Farrar.

Farrar: Robin! I saw 17 Again last night. It's sooooo good, and Zac Efron is sooooooo hot!

Me: Good! I wanted to see that!

Farrar: Yeah! And then I saw Hannah Montana! It was so awesome!!

Me: Ah...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Coronation Pictures

What mom didn't mention in her blog was the endless hours where we all had to hide in the Band Hall until it was our turn to be presented. There was nothing else to do but take lots of silly pictures!
starting from the left:
Daniel Hatoum, Arianna Nong, Megan Bryant, Andrew Cole, Katie Mee, Levi Harerra, Elmira Mehdizadeh, Lance, Me, Paul, Katie Irwin, Eric Protsman

I'm sure this was hilarious at the time.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Decisions, Decisions...

I just received my official letter of acceptance to The University of Utah!

However, two hours prior to this happy discovery I received a letter from Utah State informing me that I had been awarded the Nonresident Aggie Scholar Scholarship. If I choose to go to Utah State this will virtually eliminate my nonresidential costs.

Now what???

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Exciting News!!!

Tonight was The Speech and Debate Club annual progressive dinner. I had so much fun. After our dessert stop, we went caroling and then just hung around and talked laughed. Such a great night! I got home and checked my facebook and put some cozy clothes on. I decided to check my e-mail (something I don't really do anymore) and I was surprised to see an e-mail from Utah State admissions.


I'm so excited! I'm still waiting for my letter from the University of Utah and I need to finish my interviews for BYU. What a great day!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Make Your Expectations Low and You Won't Be Disappointed

Perhaps I have absolutely NO taste... but I LOVED Twilight!!! My secret? I went with the lowest expectations possible.

Of course the movie could have been A LOT better, but they cast a fantastic actor and Edward, and really, what more could any teenage girl want?

I had a blast going with my friends. We took some pictures by the movie poster outside the theatre and laughed hysterically.

Yeah that's my excellent skill at making a serious Bella face while trying really hard not to laugh. In case you're wondering, that's supposed to be Edward's hand on my arm. It's actually Judith's.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The REAL Twilight Zone

Like every teenage girl, I too am a huge fan of Twilight. But it still makes me laugh when I see the amount of sheer insanity that it creates. Every girl in my school has been freaking out this week. All midnight showings in the three theatres we have in the Tyler area were sold out like three weeks ago. If you say, quietly to your neighbor, the phrase, "Do you want to go see that movie?" at least two girls within a five foot raidius will immediately stop what they're doing and shriek, "WHAT MOVIE?!?!". It hasn't escaped the notice of the faculty at my school and all of them have made jokes about it. About two days ago my favorite teacher (English) Mrs. Brody was totally making fun of these books. But yesterday when I walked into her classroom this was on her board.

I cannot wait to go see it tonight!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

We're studying The Canturbury Tales in English. We watched this and I thought it was WAY cool.